Tour Hire

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promAfter working for tedious hours every day, one need few days off from work or study.

Sydney Limousines encourages to lay off the second thought (what, if & how) and just head for an energizing vacation.

Australian continent has wide range of beauty that still needs to be explored by international as well as domestic tourists. From the history of Aborigines to the exploration of wildlife, mountains (Hunter valley, Blue Mountain) and surfing in Australian sea (Bondi and Manly beach) Australia has lot more to offer to its Travelers.

Sydney Limousines offer its chauffeured service for:

  • Winery Tours
  • Theatre/Dinner transfers
  • Inter State tourism
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Personalized tours
  • Shopping and excursion inside Sydney or other cities.
  • Family brunches away from home and many more.

Highlights of Sydney Limousines tour packages;

  • Customize packages (half day, full day tour)
  • Your destination we take you.
  • Pickup from airport* or any street address in Sydney CBD (or within 8 Km radius of Sydney CBD at no extra cost)
  • Well-groomed professional chauffeur service in neat and clean late model luxury vehicle of your choice.
  • After completion of tour, we will drop your party at airport or any other street address in Sydney CBD (or within 8 Km radius of Sydney CBD at no extra cost).
  • Flexibility of skipping and adding viewpoints of your choice (depending added viewpoints are within tour track).

Feel free to Contact us for more suitable options of tour packages.